The Basic Knowledge of Hockey Simplified

Although originally was a thriving sport in Canada, the past 10 years, even in the United States, television viewership, has grown significantly, such as registration population. This article, as an introduction of hockey, will explain what is exactly what is happening on the ice.

Hockey Basic

Basics: First of all, is about the basics of hockey. Each team, will stay six players on the ice. Left wing, and three forward light wing and center, two left and right of defense, and it is Goaltender or goalie,. The object of the game is to put the puck in the opponent goal by using a stick. Basketball Quarter, like the football half, each 20 minutes in hockey, there are three periods. As can be seen by watching hockey on TV, in addition to 12 people to play on ice also, ice, a lot of people will stay on the bench. It is up to six people for each team put out on the ice at one time, but you are actually playing while change is one team 20 players. 12 people forward, it is of six defense and two Goaltender of. And, you and two referees, two linesman, the referee total four official also on ice.

Now that we have a description of the people who are in the link, it’s time to a description of the link. Size of the link is different depending on the region. In North America, is the length 60m, a link width 26m ordinary. What about when compared with other sports? so that there is that probably saw, hockey link is the size that fits easily in the baseball field. And one hockey link 3 if American football and soccer fields, but fits. However, hockey link is not necessarily the smallest in the major sports, there is a breadth that fit about four basketball courts. Then I draw a line on the link.

First, is the red line is the center line in the middle of the link. And, two of the blue line is divided into three link to neutral zone and two of the end zone. And, respectively, at each end of the link there is a goal line. Now I add the face-off dot. One in the middle, two on each end zone, four in the neutral zone, there are a total of nine face-off dot. The last time add the goal Cleese, that is, the goalie of the house. The period started, both teams lined up around the face-off dot in the middle link, I will start the game referee dropped the pack.