Fouls in Hockey 101 – Know it here

Hockey RulesHockey is intense sport, but the game quickly, there are a number of rules to be made to the Fair. If a player has a foul, the referee raised his hand, to stop the play at the moment the team of offending side has touched the pack. The offending player will go into the penalty box.

Minor penalty (until the or runs) 2 minutes, major penalty will be of 5 minutes exit. While offending player is present in the penalty box, the team is “short-handed”, ie fewer people than your opponent. The opposing team will be “power play”. If the player of the short-handed team has further committed a foul, the player will also be sent to the penalty box. However, it is not a short hand is three or less, after the third offense does not start until the previous foul time is complete.

Kind of foul There are many, but is rough play most foul. Tripping and (trip), hooking (hooking), for example, thrashing (slash), perform the following steps can be seen and heard. Others, boarding that striking a defenseless player on the board, high sticking you hit your opponent raised to above the shoulder a stick. When this by blood comes out, will double minor, that is, 4 minutes of exit. Cross-checking that has a stick, hit the opponent in the shaft of the stick with both hands. Various acts to slow the progress of the game will be the delay of The game. And of course, Fighting.

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