Brawl Star – Spike

One of the legendary brawlers is Spike. Spike is moving cactus and a range attacker. The bad thing about his movement speed is very low – 650. A normal hitpoints 600 and he is one of the legendary brawlers.

Spike is one of the many characters in brawl stars game of supercell. If you want to know more characters you can just to go Wikipedia and get acquainted with it.
This type of brawler is good for offense. It means he is good for killing an opponent in a slow process. When it comes to its potential or skills, the Needle Grenade, he can throw small part of his body like spike and when it comes to the target area it will explode and small spikes will shutter in different directions. Having this kind of brawler is a very useful attack and a good advantage. Take note that this kind of brawler cannot be take down in one on one, you should have back up in order to eliminate it.

Spike invites all seedlings to a cactus party! Enemies caught in the area take damage and get slowed down.
When comes to ultimate skill, the “Stick Around”, this can bring the tide down and can turn table from losing to winning. The mechanism of the ultimate skills is to catch the enemy and slow down. This skill is an AE “Area of Effect”. It means that when opponent is in the area of effect, the opponent’s movement will be slowed down, its movement speed slowly deflated its hit points.

Spike is low in hit points from the start. The only strategy to survive when you’re using this brawl character is to hit and run method. If you survive from15 minutes gameplay, it would be best to upgrade hitpoints. After upgrading the HP, next would be the first skills to upgrade. You should max the first skill and leave the ultimate skill. In this kind of built up, this is called the all balance stats. When every stats is in balance, you should upgrade the ultimate skills. Spike is a kind of character that is good for a long game. He is weak from start of the game but in a long game, he will become tanker due to his ultimate skill that can become passive; meaning all active on area of effect.

A little note if you want to get this character in your brawl stars account you are required more coins because he is very hard to unlock but there is always an easy way to unlock this character you need lots of gems but you have to get more additional character first before this legendary Spike will shows and it’s not cheap. If you want to easily get that follow this
He is a disadvantage to short game due to low HP, slow movements speed at the start and its making him easy from the start. From that start he should have company beside him in order for him to gain experience when taking down opponent.

The great thing about this character is that it’s good from the start when his company is a buffer like healing and enhancing shield that can withstand an attack. Some gamers find Spike really hard to understand, like his mechanics in combat or during battle but some is good in killing target. To sum up this game its like League of Legends and DOTA according to

Brawl Star Game did not succeed so they have never reelase it worldwide and that means its a failure movie perhaps a very new promising mobile game you can play is the Battlelands Royale which can be found here

Plantronics HS1 Headset – Your Sound Expert

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The headphones come with numerous conveniences built in. The cord to the back of your computer is long enough that you don’t have to crane your neck. The cord itself includes an adjustable clip so that you can keep it in place, and there’s also a handy volume control and microphone on/off switch within easy reach. The foam in the headphones is comfortable and the headphones never felt too tight. Only the plastic feel of this headset was questionable, as it felt like a little force could snap it in two. Once on, though, the phones stayed in place and required little if any adjusting.

Sound quality is what really matters in a headset, and the Plantronics HS1 headphones came through in spades. We weren’t able to distort the bass — without causing some ear damage — and the mid and high ranges were very defined. Using the microphone also produced quality sound, and that’s not just because we have beautiful voices. It’s a sometimes noisy office here, but background noise was minimized or canceled completely. The microphone is also retractable, and once it’s adjusted, it stays in place.

There just isn’t too much you can say about a set of headphones without playing Clash Royale and free gems. Except for the seemingly flimsy construction (though we were never able to break them), the Plantronics HS1 headphones are excellent. Very good sound response coupled with a microphone and well-placed controls make this headset worth the price. If you use headphones a lot in your computer gaming, it’s worth your time to look into these. You won’t be disappointed.