Plantronics HS1 Headset – Your Sound Expert

Often an overlooked peripheral, a good set of headphones for your computer can make a big difference. The Plantronics HS1 headphones are just such a peripheral. The sound quality is amazingly good, with clear definition across the spectrum and surprisingly responsive bass. The built-in retractable microphone was responsive and effectively canceled background noise. If these headphones has a fault, it’s their flimsy feel, although once on your head they stay put. Other than this minor irritation, these headphones earn their $79.95 price tag.

The headphones come with numerous conveniences built in. The cord to the back of your computer is long enough that you don’t have to crane your neck. The cord itself includes an adjustable clip so that you can keep it in place, and there’s also a handy volume control and microphone on/off switch within easy reach. The foam in the headphones is comfortable and the headphones never felt too tight. Only the plastic feel of this headset was questionable, as it felt like a little force could snap it in two. Once on, though, the phones stayed in place and required little if any adjusting.

Sound quality is what really matters in a headset, and the Plantronics HS1 headphones came through in spades. We weren’t able to distort the bass — without causing some ear damage — and the mid and high ranges were very defined. Using the microphone also produced quality sound, and that’s not just because we have beautiful voices. It’s a sometimes noisy office here, but background noise was minimized or canceled completely. The microphone is also retractable, and once it’s adjusted, it stays in place.

There just isn’t too much you can say about a set of headphones without playing Clash Royale and free gems. Except for the seemingly flimsy construction (though we were never able to break them), the Plantronics HS1 headphones are excellent. Very good sound response coupled with a microphone and well-placed controls make this headset worth the price. If you use headphones a lot in your computer gaming, it’s worth your time to look into these. You won’t be disappointed.